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Welcome to Little Farm! In this game you play as Elona a little girl trying to build a farm from scratch. 

We went ambitious for this game, we apologize if the game is incomplete. But, ultimately we wanted to make a game that is about building a community around your farm, gathering different characters with their own stories, personalities and specialties to join you and help you build a town. 

This game was made as a submission to the MediBang Game Jam which lasted for 7 days. 


WASD - Movement

Q or Left Mouse - Use Tools

E or Right Mouse - Interaction and planting seeds

I or Tab - Inventory

C - Crafting Window

1 - Hoe

2 - Axe

3 - Sickle

4 - Pickaxe

5 - Watering Can

There is currently a bug were the land is not being tilled even though its showing that it is. Using the hoe twice fixes the bug. We'll fix this and the other bugs as soon as possible.



Happy tune - syncopika


Sunday Afternoon - Kistol  


 Night Sky #1 a - Bjon1234abc


Caketown - Matthew Pablo


Pleasant Creek - Matthew Pablo



cute - Paula Tennet


Sound effects and Art assets are all made by our team members for this jam.


Little Farm Game Jam Version Fix 54 MB
Little Farm Game Jam Version 54 MB


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I played the game! Although it was unfinished I still enjoyed playing it in a way. It seems like you needed a bit more time if anything. But the fact that the game mechanics do work (although a bit clunky) makes me feel this game has potential. I think if the goals were a bit more focused and the project scope was reduced, it could be a fun, small, complete game with a bit more development time.

If you do spend more time developing, I hope you can turn this into something special and add some variety/new ideas to the farming-simulator/RPG genre.

I made a video with my (rambling) commentary and experiences. Keep up the good work!


Thank you for playing our game.. We thought we could pull it off in 7 days and we kept adding ideas and we ended up making this mess haha.. We didn't have even had time to play the build version of the game.. Turns out the farming mechanic is bugged when built.. The plan was upload the game and add the shipping bin  and fix the other bugs that we know of so we dont miss the last minute of submission and reupload the fixed version of the game.. But to our luck we currently had a typhoon last night , we currently have no electricity to debug it.. I'm the dev that made the farming mechanic of the game it works on the editor but not in build😩.. Thank you for playing our bugged out game we really appreciate it


No worries! Thanks for the insight! I hope you're safe from the typhoon! Take all the time you need. :)